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                Tianjin giantHeavy Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the backbone enterprises in Tianjin Machinery Industry, at the country of the original eight heavy machinery on the basis of one day re-group restructuring and reorganizing of specialized large-scale heavy industry enterprises. Mainly engaged in large castings and forgings, forging...【Detailed】
                Main products
                Steel leading products:
                Oil tube, forging billet, steel ingot rectangular billet • Forged

                Forging leading products:

                Metallurgy, machinery, power plants, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, cement, etc. with a single 80-ton pieces of these large forged steel shaft

                Cast leading products:

                Metallurgy, forging, cement, power generation, shipbuilding, bridges and other steel castings with a large high-quality

                Steel leading products:

                Various length of 150 billet
                Tianjin giantHeavy Industries Co., Ltd. Address: Tianjin Beichen District, Tianjin No. 609 Elm Road (State Road 205 intersection with Beijign)
                Contact Department: Office Tel 022 -86885751 022-86885518 Fax :022-86885555 E-mail: jiangtianbangong@sina.com    admin